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This private group is for the use of our Starting Lineup clients and our agency partners.

This public group is for the use of our customers and the general public (clients and agency partners are also welcome to join).  This Group will provide BTD Event information, updates on new client agreements and new inventory items, forum discussions about our business and baseball in general, and an opportunity for group members to share in discussions on a variety of topics.

@beyondthedugout on Twitter

You can also follow our Starting Lineup clients on Twitter:

@RealJemileWeeks (Jemile Weeks - Athletics)
@VinnyChoice (Michael Choice - Athletics)
@thad_weber (Thad Weber - Tigers)
@mschwimer (Michael Schwimer - Phillies)
@Matt_Hobgood48 (Matthew Hobgood - Orioles)
@J_Johnson6 (Jamie Johnson - Tigers)
@JarredCosart (Jarred Cosart - Astros)
@HainleyStatia (Hainley Statia - Brewers)
@JElmo6 (Jake Elmore - Diamondbacks)
@UpstateBaller (Casper Wells - Mariners)
@Trouty20 (Mike Trout - Angels)
@ChrisGimenez5 (Chris Gimenez - Mariners)
@tcrowe4 (Trevor Crowe - Indians)
@jbholaday (Bryan Holaday - Tigers)
@chuckylof (Chuck Lofgren - Giants)
@TeamBGardner (Brett Gardner - Yankees)
@MTAYinh (Michael Taylor - A's)
@HankConger16 (Hank Conger - Angels)
@cpettit815 (Chris Pettit - Angels)
@BrianDozier (Brian Dozier - Twins)
@JoshPhegley (Josh Phegley - White Sox)