A Note from our President...


Welcome to Beyond The Dugout…the leading marketing and sales management resource for professional baseball players with game used equipment to sell.  We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and hopefully provide a little insight into what it means to “Go Beyond”!

The field that is shown in the background of our Beyond The Dugout logo is Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama.  This historic stadium, where time and the game have seemingly stood still as a witness to a simpler time, represents the guiding principle our company was founded on…keep things simple.  It is the concept that best describes what we do. 

Our goal at Beyond The Dugout is to join our clients, who we refer to as our Starting Lineup, and our customers in simple game used equipment purchases, enabling our clients to receive fair market value for their items, while also providing our customers with the best prices available in the market. 

We work closely with our clients to insure the items they provide the market will be valued collectibles for future generations.  To insure the quality and value in each transaction, we deal directly with our clients, receiving items either directly from them, their agent, or the teams they play for.  Every Starting Lineup item is fully authenticated and stored to preserve the integrity of the item.  Every item, except in the most unusual circumstances, comes with a full color Certificate of Authenticity which includes multiple color photos of the item (and the client’s signing of the item when possible), our client’s signature, and our proprietary Beyond A Doubt Authentic tamper-proof holofoil label (each item carries a matching label).

Additionally, we have worked to create guidelines for signing game used items, to insure their items are signed in the most displayable manner, and that proper inscriptions are included when they highlight the significance of an individual item’s use.  We also provide item registration thru our website, to provide an on-going record of ownership for future ownership transfers…so that items sold thru our site can always be guaranteed as authentic to future owners.

We are very proud of the fact that our company has grown consistently over the last seven years, and we enter our seventhth full baseball season as one of the leading sources of authentic game used equipment in the country.  We work with some great young talents, and value the relationships we have built…both with our clients and their agents.  We try to provide a type and level of service unmatched in the sports memorabilia marketplace, and feel our growth underscores our success in achieving that goal.

We are also very proud of the repeat business from many of our customers, which we feel reflects their belief in our business and the value we bring to the sports memorabilia marketplace.  We truly appreciate their consistent support of our business, and our clients, as shown thru continued growth in sales of, and demand for, our clients’ items.

It is amazing what a small idea can generate when one is willing to “Go Beyond”.  The photo below, which now serves as our company logo, proves that point.  Who knew, when this picture was taken in June of 2005, a couple of years before we even formed Beyond The Dugout and set out to "change the game", that a simple photo would generate the foundational belief, and simple premise, of our company…”To get into the game, you have to go Beyond The Dugout”.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit Beyond The Dugout.  We hope that you will take some time exploring the site to get to know our company and our clients, and, hopefully, find an item to add to your collection…or possibly start a collection for yourself, your children, or your grandchildren. 

Go Beyond!  


Matthew S. Elliott, President

Beyond The Dugout, LLC 


This photo of my son, taken at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama after the 10th Rickwood Classic was rained out, would eventually become the insipration for our name, our mission, and our methodology.


Company President, Matthew Elliott, with sons Lucas (left) and Caison (right) at the 2008 Triple-A All-Star Game at Louisville Slugger Field in Louisville, Kentucky.